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11/26-28 — Top 5 Things You’re Thankful For

November 26, 2008

Get a head start on Friday Fun this week and tell us the top 5 things you are thankful for this Eat Day. Try to think beyond family/kids/dog/health/Cinemax — we know you’re thankful for those.  Let’s virtually hold hands around the metaphorical Thanksgiving table and share a mini-gratitude journal with our Friday Fun cohorts. And then make fun of people for what they say.

Forget pumpkin pie, plundering native lands, and obliterating thousands of indigenous cultures. Who will say something provocative and inappropriate?  Which one of us will storm out in an outraged huff? Who will try to be the peacemaker? Who will get drunk and climb onto the roof? Who will fall asleep at the table? These are the true traditions of a real, American Thanksgiving.


11/21 – Top 5 Guilty Pleasures

November 20, 2008

Friday Fun in Frakking Free Fall?

There was serious debate late Thursday as the mysterious FF committee met to decide on this week’s top 5. Ratings and participation have degenerated faster than a kegger at the Colorado Governor’s mansion. As Patrick O’Brien said in a brief interview: “There’s a lot to answer for. I’m looking at you and your ‘top food’ topic, Michael Motorcycle.” O’Brien denies being a founding member of the FF committee and further, denies the existence of such an entity.

Friday Fun Stats
Friday Fun Stats

This week, the non-existent FF “star chamber” or “death cabal” has decided to go back to their roots. As O’Brien put it “You know, the kinda roots where the topic threatened to expose you and your co-workers to ridiculous amounts of humiliation and potential personal harm.” That’s right, fun. So for this week’s Friday Fun, (hold on while I whip this out): Your top 5 guilty pleasures. If you’re pretty sure no one will judge you for what you list, try again. No one wants to hear about things you don’t feel guilty about. We’re talking Barry Manilow, your weekly trip to Furr’s cafeteria, flying to Virginia for a fish pedicure, stealing your kid’s birthday money, or voting for Ralph Nader. I take that last one back. No one could find that pleasurable.

11/14 – Favorite Foods

November 13, 2008

Welcome all to this week’s edition of Friday Fun.  As many of you have noticed – I have been feeling kinda down.  But it’s Friday and that means two things – Friday Fun and Cheese steaks.  Put them together and you get today’s topic:  Name your five favorite foods, meals, restaurants, eating experiences, etc.

Ian is British and therefore has no taste-buds – and will not be participating.  Patrick can only eat food that’s mashed up  (something about his dentures) so his categories are narrow.

I look forward to your contributions – bonus for your favorite local (Denver area) eatery.

11/7 – Top five cars

November 6, 2008

This week – list your top five favorite cars.  Cars, automobiles, vee-hickles.  Real, owned by you, fictitious – as always, any criteria applies.

Bonus – your all-time favorite car that you have owned.

Vroom vroom!

10/31 – Top five fears

October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Today – what are you are most afraid of?  What terrifies you? What are your five top bete noires, bugaboos, boogey men, nightmares, or, indeed, nachtmares?

Bonus question – Your personal best costume that you wore on a Halloween (not just around the house).

Bonus – bonus if you can provide a picture. Bonus-bonus-bonus if the picture looks something like this:

10/24 – Top five favorite words

October 23, 2008

This week – list your top five favorite words.

Bonus – also list your five least favorite words.

10/17 – Top five predictions for the next ten years

October 16, 2008

This week – make five predictions for the next ten years.  As usual, any criteria for selection applies.

Bonus question: which of your Friday Fun colleagues is a super hero and what super power do they possess?