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11/14 – Favorite Foods

November 13, 2008

Welcome all to this week’s edition of Friday Fun.  As many of you have noticed – I have been feeling kinda down.  But it’s Friday and that means two things – Friday Fun and Cheese steaks.  Put them together and you get today’s topic:  Name your five favorite foods, meals, restaurants, eating experiences, etc.

Ian is British and therefore has no taste-buds – and will not be participating.  Patrick can only eat food that’s mashed up  (something about his dentures) so his categories are narrow.

I look forward to your contributions – bonus for your favorite local (Denver area) eatery.

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  1. November 14, 2008 1:28 pm

    Scone – pronounced “skahn” which is scone with a Scottish burr. At the Starbuck’s in Edinburgh, you get a skahn with your latte. But in this case, it’s a kind of Irish soda bread made by my Scottish grandma. You bake it in a frying pan (like cornbread). Slather it with butter and eat with tea, or Pepsi, in honor of Grandma.

    Maid-Rite – the Marshalltown, IA version of the mid-western loose-meat sandwich. It’s a kind of sloppy joe, but without the sauce, just loose hamburger meat barely seasoned with salt and pepper, served with pickles on a white bread bun. Tradition dictates mustard only, but recently they’ve bowed to pressure and provided ketchup. You sit at the counter in the tiny diner and eat your sandwich off the wax paper it comes in. Simple and delicious.

    El Farolito, El Rito, NM – tiny restaurant in Northern NM serving stuffed sopapillas, awesome red chile and just delicious fresh, home-cooked food. A destination restaurant, worth the drive from Santa Fe, Espanola, or Denver.

    High Tea at Claridge’s in London – I treated my lovely friend Joan Lock to this on my last trip to London. Claridge’s is a lovely old Mayfair hotel with gobs of history and ambiance. Joan was one of the Met’s first women police officers and Claridge’s was on her regular beat, which also included the vice dens of 1950’s Soho. She’d had tea at the hotel before, as a copper, but just in the staff tearoom. She was thrilled to be in the grand lobby drinking champagne and eating tiny exquisite sandwiches and cakes, and entertained me, my niece and sister with stories of being a vice decoy in Soho!

    As for Denver places, they come and go, except for a few classics: Patsy’s, Benny’s, the Wazee Supper Club, the Mercury Café. Going to the Merc is like visiting a different country; different rules, rituals, customs, folk dancing, and weird but delicious food. I won’t be surprised when the owner starts issuing her own currency. I’ve been a patron since they opened, and before that, Heatley’s Teahouse, and Fat City, circa 1984. I’m also fond of Sobo 151, the Czech place on south Broadway. Don’t get the dumplings unless you’re a snake and have a week or more to digest your meal. I’m not saying they’re heavy, but there was a slight gravitational pull on the sauerkraut next to it. Also gravy on everything. Which is good or bad, depending on your perspective. Also, the posole at El Tapatio.
    And I second Le Central.

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