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02/13/2009 – Top 5 Things You’d Like to Tell Your Younger Self

February 12, 2009

Hopefully, your message to your younger self would be more constructive than Stan’s to his younger self, on South Park (My Future Self and Me). Most things are more constructive in real life than they are on South Park.  But if you had the opportunity, what would you tell you?


02/06/2009 – Top 5 Dress Code Improvements

February 6, 2009

If the company’s awash with rumors and innuendos about changes to the dress code (and I’m not saying it is) get your suggestions in here. Or, list the most notorious violations. Please change names to protect the guilty. Hurry before rampant flip-flop wearage takes away our Friday Jeans Day forever.

1/30/2009 – Top 5 Cartoon Characters

January 29, 2009

Not comic book characters. So no Wolverine. Arbitrary rule for my amusement: no repeats. So post early if you don’t feel like getting creative! Extra points for descriptive justification of why the character rates a spot on this list.

1/16/2009 – Top 5 Most Influential Canadians

January 16, 2009

So, how cute, our northerly neighbors are making a playlist of Canadian songs for our new prez. 49 from above the 49th. You may be shocked to discover that people like Neil Young and Robbie Robertson are Canadian! It’s not all Celine Dion and hockey players people! Think about it, and you may find hidden Canadians all over your iPod, teevee, and movie theater.

1/9/2009 – FridayFun Coup d’etat!

January 8, 2009

Top five New Year’s Resolutions.

12/12 – Top 5 Awkward Holiday Moments

December 11, 2008

 What are the holiday nightmares that keep you close by the liquor cabinet? Cousin Toby bringing his cross-dressing boyfriend to dinner with the Reverend? The way Granpa passes out in the gravy every year? The year your undercooked turkey poisoned the in-laws? Perhaps Mom and Dad chose the family Chrismakah party to announce their divorce.  Or maybe every year you relive the horror of the office Holiday Party in 1997 when you barfed on the CEO of your Internet startup.

And ok, maybe you have a super healthy, well-adjusted family completely devoid of holiday faux pas and unresolved tension. Maybe the worst thing that happens at your holiday gatherings is that you and your brother both buy Mom the same color cashmere sweater. I guess in the spirit of the season you can go ahead and tell us that freaking heartwarming story too.

12.05 top 5 snow day activities

December 4, 2008

Its snowing and memories of snow days past are swirling. Lets try not to repeat that cookie dough and long showers crap – what are your favorite snow day activities.